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Below are a few of Patriot Gold’s products ranging from gold bullion bars and coins to the rarest of gold coins. Many of our gold coins and bars are IRA eligible. Complete the form on the right or call 800-495-1979 to speak to an Account Executive to learn about gold and Patriot Gold today.

Our High Powered Gold® products reflect the Goldline Difference, our commitment to exemplary customer service and industry leading transparency. Many of our gold coins and bars qualify for the benefits of our Price Guarantee Program®.

Gold is one of the oldest forms of currency and its value is recognized around the globe. Time and again, investors and collectors buy gold coins and bars when currencies and economies falter. Acquiring gold coins at any level provides portfolio diversity with a tangible and recognized “safe

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$5 Liberty Gold Coin

The Heroes of Two Nations Gold Bullion Coin

Legal Tender Bar Gold Bullion


The Heroes of Two Nations Silver Bullion Coin