Why Precious Metals?

For thousands of years, Precious Metals have been a proven stock of wealth. In times of instability and forecasts of a grim financial future, Precious Metals have been viewed as a way to preserve wealth and add security — a safe haven.

Because precious metals are tangible and finite materials, they will always have inherent value. Another unique advantage they have is the fact that they’re uncontrolled by any single government or institution. Precious metals cannot simply be printed on a government’s whim and this results in numerous advantages for investors.


Precious metals are not subject to the same volatility of other assets. When you diversify your portfolio with Precious Metals, you’re adding an additional level of wealth security.


Precious Metals can help protect your wealth from a variety of dangers such as market volatility or decline in the US Dollar. It will give yourself and your family more peace of mind.


A fundamental investment strategy is diversification. Mutual funds, stocks, and bonds – are some of the most popular investment options amongst Americans. However, in today’s globalized economy, these investments tend to fluctuate. Many people are beginning to negate the risk of putting all their eggs in one basket and diversifying their portfolios with Precious Metals.

Hedge Against Inflation

You can preserve your purchasing power for the future by hedging against inflation, and investing in Precious Metals will allow you to do so. In fact, as the value of the dollar is increasingly becoming weaker, the value of Metals like Gold tends to go up according to economists. 


Because Precious Metals that you invest in are solely in your possession, they don’t need to be monitored by the government or any financial institution. Ownership of your Precious Metals is completely private unlike many other types of assets. Your investments, Your business.


Precious metals are among the most liquid assets possible to hold as an investment. Gold bullion, for example, are valued almost completely by their metal content and weight. Tangible resources like these are extremely liquid and uninfluenced by other factors that threaten other investment types. And unlike other investment options, you always have physical access to them.

Growth Potential

As finite and tangible resources, Precious Metals maintain unique growth potential. In the past, Gold and Silver have had great returns. Many investors consider today’s prices a bargain, and this makes Precious Metals a wonderful alternative to other assets.

Increasing Demand

National central banks bought over 533 tons of Gold in 2012 – the most in nearly 50 years. Even governments such as Russia and Turkey are taking on more Gold. The demand for Precious Metals has been rising on behalf of nations, investors and numerous industries that use metals in their day-to-day operations.

Decreasing Supply

As the supply decreases and demand increases for Precious Metals, the value continues to rise over time. These metals continue to be sought after for use in a myriad of applications, and the future is looking very bright for those in these resources.

Types of Precious Metals

The metals generally referred to as Precious Metal investments are Gold, Silver, Platinum and Palladium. Each has its own unique benefits and can be purchased for physical possession or physically placed in a self-directed IRA.


Since the beginning of recorded history, Gold has always been a sought after material of wealth. Gold isn’t only used for aesthetically pleasing purposes like jewelry and art, but it is malleable, corrosion resistant, and conductive of electricity. It’s no wonder that Gold continues to be a preferred source of wealth among so many.

Is Gold a Good Long Term Investment?

With so much uncertainty surrounding the global economy and the dollar’s decline, a long-term investment in gold can offer several advantages.


“I would think people who are in it for the long term, it looks to me like this would be a very good time to buy…I look at gold as insurance, and others might be just at a time where they can start buying their insurance against the dollar fiasco, and I would say this is a good time as any”
– Former Congressman Ron Paul


Silver has also been used for generations in jewelry, art, and numerous other applications. Its electrical conductivity, heat, malleability and unique luster have made it practical for a wide variety of industrial uses.

Platinum and Palladium

Platinum and Palladium are rare precious metals and have similar uses as Gold and Silver. They are known for heavy usage in industrial processes, as well as the manufacturing for jewelry and other items.


The Difference between Bullion and Numismatic Coins

There are two primary types of Precious Metal coins when choosing to invest. There are unique benefits to both bullion and numismatic coins depending on your goals. Here are the fundamental differences:

Bullion coins get their value only from their content and weight. This makes investing in them attractive due to their liquidity. There are select bullion coins that are also acceptable for placement in a Precious Metals IRA.

Numismatic coins are valued by their rarity and condition in addition to their precious metals content. There is added growth potential here for those investors seeking it.

Although more rare, Proof coins is a third option with investors. These coins are minted in limited quantities and have higher production standards than bullion. The value here is based off their rarity and some can be placed into a Precious Metals IRA.


Ways you can invest in Precious Metals

So, are Precious Metals a good investment?  Here are the two primary ways to invest in physical Metals and their benefits:

Physical Possession

You have the privilege of combining the benefits of Precious Metals with the tax benefits of a traditional retirement account with a Precious Metals IRA. When you choose to purchase Precious Metals from Franklin Gold, your Metals are shipped immediately for Delivery. We do not store nor leverage your Metals.


Precious Metals IRAs

Evaluate your personal goals and circumstances when you decide which way to invest. Some investors take a balanced approach of using their Precious Metals IRAs for their retirement savings while also keeping physical possession of their assets in a Depository or at home.


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